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When Christy and Lisa first met at a Tai Chi class, they didn't realize how significant that fateful meeting would be!


We partnered up as health coaches trying to help people get off gluten and dairy. As part of our program, we gave people a recipe for cashew cheeze to help them with their cheese addiction.  


People kept saying over and over again, "We don't want to keep making it, we want to buy it!"  

That led Christy and Lisa to where they are now . . . getting their delicious dairy-free cheeze spread to stores near you!  

No longer do those suffering with dairy intolerances have to give up cheeze! YIPPEE!!

             lisa mccoy


Lisa McCoy is a mother of four and a certified health coach in Overland Park, Kansas.  


She began her journey for health when she was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder.  She scoured the internet and library for alternative ways to heal it that did not involve surgery, cortisone shots or drugs. All her research pointed toward diet as the ultimate culprit and cure. By implementing a clean, whole foods diet, she eliminated the systemic inflammation she had developed over the years that kept her from healing.  She discovered that she not only felt much better very quickly, but she also gained a renewed energy that had not been present in years.  This inspired her to continue her self educatation about holistic healing by getting certified in holistic nutrition through Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness.


Being the youngest, her 8 year-old son had benefited the most from her training. When she realized the impact diet had on her own recovery, she did not hesitate to start improving her son's diet.  Out went the pop-tarts, Gatorade, sugar cereals and Lunchables.  In came loads of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, free-range eggs and hormone and antibiotic-free meats.  The change she saw in his behavior and overall health was dramatic, and inspired her to want to share her knowledge with other parents.